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news-entry-image10 2006-10-07 - 14:53:59 CET --- STRAYER
it seems it's time to add a new comment here...after months of inactivity here. :o)
Unfortunately, not that much happened. I moved the whole website to a new server, which took some time and work. > Many thanks to Dennis (aka [dmp]) for being so kind to host my site now and Michael (aka Impulz) who did it many years before!
I decided to completely rewrite the back- and front-end code of The database table structure and the back-end scripts are finished so far and work together with the old front-end. This was reason enough to port a part of this site here: "BZFlag > Server Info" uses the new query scripts now.

So far so good...have a nice life... :o)

news-entry-image9 2006-05-14 - 21:35:35 CET --- STRAYER
BZFlag 2.0.8 "Oops, Happy Mother's Day" released - May 13, 2006, 12:07 PM by JeffM
It's only a bug fix release without any new features, but it was necessary and maybe it'll be the last minor release before the next major one.

The so called 'Project CVS Service' of is again up and working. That means that 'BZ flaglist', 'BZ history', 'BZ changelog', 'BZ server', 'BZ client' and 'BZ key mapping' are up-to-date again...wohooo ;o)

news-entry-image8 2006-04-24 - 20:47:36 CET --- STRAYER
Bad news...
Some of you may have noticed, BZFlag's changelog file content displayed on my website isn't up-to-date because it still shows version 2.0.5 (since around one month now). After a substantial system failure on the developer server of in the end of March my PHP scripts aren't able to acces to up-to-date files from the WebCVS. As a reason of the section BZFlag the content of the sites 'BZ flaglist', 'BZ history', 'BZ changelog', 'BZ server', 'BZ client' and 'BZ key mapping' are outdated. I'll post a comment as far as I know that the WebCVS can deliver updated information.

news-entry-image7 2006-04-20 - 22:27:01 CET --- STRAYER
Well...a short summary of the last five weeks:
> I did just a few smaller changes in the site's code. I'm sure nobody got aware of them.
> The main changings were done in the 'function library' (I feel free to call it that way) that handles the listserver and server queries.
> I spent most of the time on the BZstats. This site contains stats for servers, players and a list of actually online playing league members. The leagues Pillbox, GamesUnited and 'Ducati Style' are supported at the moment.
> Last but not least:
BZFlag 2.0.6 "Good enough for now" Released - April 9, 2006, 5:54 PM by JeffM

Some information:
> The listserver for BZFlag is currently not available the whole time. There reason was (apparently) the server's too low bandwith and is (now) the migration to a new server.
> The data my scripts get from the WebCVS from to update some sub sites in the section 'BZFlag' are not up-to-date since weeks. I don't know the reason why the information from the WebCVS are so old, but I'll look for a solution as fast as I'm not too lazy to mail or chat in English... :o)

news-entry-image6 2006-03-04 - 23:50:13 CET --- ASP
so, what happened in the last weeks?
> I worked on a nice (and really time consuming) BZFlag statistics site. As far as it's finished, I'll post a link to it. ^^
> One telestation was removed and nine were added...all in all there are actually 100 telestations available.
> The listserver for BZFlag's 1.7x servers (so...Tim Riker's private server) was down for a while. This caused some annoying time delays when my scripts queried it. That's why I added some code lines in my PHP script to (try to ;o) avoid high time delays for further queries.

news-entry-image5 2006-01-27 - 15:30:12 CET --- STRAYER
During the last week I improved the PHP script that queries the BZFlag servers to avoid potential problems when the servers send more than only one MsgGameTime packets. Other non-requested data are also filtered now. The outcome of this is a really stable server query for my BZstats. (More about this in a few weeks...)
I also added the possibility to look for repetitions of telecasts in the section 'TVinfo|DE' when you are viewing the telecast details.

If there are no more bugs...this will be the last changes for the next few weeks.
Have a nice live... :o)

news-entry-image4 2006-01-21 - 13:27:23 CET --- ASP
I added a new feature in 'TVinfo|DE'. Now, you can not only see all in a telecast/movie involved people (stage director, author, actor,...) in the telecast can also find all the other films were they play a role (so far they are listed in my database). I also implemented a special search in the navigation bar vor them, called 'Who's that?'
This feature is (of course) much more interesting vor Germans, because my database contians mostly german telecasts. That's why the german news are much more have a look there if you want to know more about it.

...have a nice day... :o)

news-entry-image3 2006-01-10 - 12:07:05 CET --- ASP
CGI:IRC client is online again
After losing the CGI:IRC scripts on, because someone deleted the whole folder...I reinstalled the client version 0.5.6 this night. Neither the admin of nor someone else (incl. me) have an idea who, why or how these files were deleted. If this will happen again the question of the sense of providing such a free service will come up.
> I suppose it happened through security leaks in one or more of the idea which one(s)...

Join the web-chat...

news-entry-image2 2006-01-08 - 18:57:41 CET --- ASP
CGI:IRC is offline
The web-based CGI:IRC client isn't available any longer from this site. Actually, I've no idea why, but it seems that the provider who hosted these scripts deleted all files without a comment. I'll have a look for an alternative as soon as possible... :o/

BZFlag - changelog got new/old source...means...I switched back from the file NEWS to CHANGELOG (in the CVS file pool at which seems to contain the up-to-date data again.

news-entry-image1 2006-01-08 - 14:22:44 CET --- ASP
Happy New Year! entries during the last months, but I wasn't that lazy at all...

First of all, I changed the layout of the BZFlag flaglist and created my first Xmas-BZFlag-comic.
In December (last year) ... three new sites for the section 'BZFlag' were finished:
> 'BZ key mapping' is an overview of the BZFlag client's default key mapping
> 'BZ client -commands-' lists available BZFlag client commands
> 'BZ server -options-' is a list of available command line options for the BZFlag game server
All these data are automatically created and get their content from the source files of the actual BZFlag-development-build. That's why the descriptions of the commands and options are short and in English only...because the developers wrote them in this style and I'm too lazy to add more detailed information or translate them into German. The data are also avialable via XML files > 'Xtra stuff - XML files'

I started a new try for creating BZFlag statistics, that are much more detailed than those from got stats?. The main reason for this was that I was able to shorten the execution time of the script that collects and stores the server data (running since 2 years now) by factor 10. So I just had to create some new tables in my database and a script that queries the BZFlag servers and stores the collected server and player data. The whole procedure of collecting all of the data takes not longer than the old script for only querying the list-server. This new script should run quite stable now... :o)
> I'll keep this in mind as an example for never stopping optimizing my code. It's hard, but now I know I'm not able to write perfect code... ;o)
As fast as I collected enough data to create meaningful statistics and have the time to realize it, I'll do so. Let's hope that the amount of data will not become too much...
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